Senate Committee to Examine Potential Tuition Changes Publishes Final Report

After about a month of research and gathering student feedback via online survey, the Senate Ad-Hoc Committee established by resolution has released the final version of their report as required in the resolution. This report includes key points about PHEEIA, an analysis of the results of the survey, and information to gives students a chance to make an informed decision about the effect of PHEEIA on their education.

PHEEIA Committee Report

Election Results

Results have been posted on the Elections Information page as advertised.

USG Elections

Elections will be held on SOLAR this week. Voting opens at noon.

USG Survey on Potential Tuition Increases

USG is sampling the Stony Brook University undergraduate student body to get an understanding of their opinion on potential tuition increases. All SBU Undergraduates please voice your opinion and fill out the survey here:

Club Leadership Day Part II: Moving On

VP of Clubs and Orgs Ashley Reji is holding a second Mandatory Leadership Day for all USG Clubs. This spring we will be focusing on the difficult process of transition to a new e-board. As most clubs are already thinking about their election for next year, we think it is important to give you information that you can pass along to your new e-board.

We are also inviting potential e-board members, or any new e-board members if you have already held elections. Please RSVP to the event below.

The Spring Leadership Conference is Mandatory for all clubs, new and old. Every club must RSVP by completing this form.
Saturday March 20, 2010
10:30AM Student Activities Center Ballroom A

If you have a conflict that Saturday, send one of the other 3 members on your e-board.
If all four of you have a conflict, you must contact Ashley Reji directly as soon as possible in order to accommodate your club.

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  4. Send

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Budget Process

Dear All,

The Budget Application deadline has now passed. Clubs who have not applied or already contacted the USG Treasurer are ineligible to participate in the process.

For the clubs that have already submitted their application, please schedule a budget hearing. To schedule a budget hearing, just drop by the USG Suite during regular business hours. As a reminder, budget hearings are not mandatory or required. They are however recommended, especially for new clubs or Treasurer’s who aren’t familiar with the USG Budget Application procedure.

Grant applications (click here) are open.

USG Budget Workshops

Dear All,

I hope you have had a great Winter Break! On Saturday February 6th, 2010 there will be a mandatory budget workshop. If your club would like to submit a budget application for the Fall 2010-Spring 2011 year, you must attend the workshop. It is preferred that the Treasurer of your club attends (or whomever is preparing the budget). If your club is unable to send a representative, you must contact the USG Treasurer directly. If you submit a budget application without attending the workshop, it will be disregarded until you receive approval from the USG Treasurer. The workshop will go over the many aspects of being a Treasurer for a USG Line Budget Club or Organization. So here is some quick information:

When: 11am on Saturday February 6th, 2010
SAC Ballroom A

Fall 2009: Semester in Review

We have published the full collection of press releases from this semester in a 14-page packet, available in paper on the USG Front Desk in SAC 202, and now available to download here.

The packet includes the first press release regarding the launch of SBUlife in August, as well as several new press releases added at the end of the semester. These were added primarily for record keeping purposes.

The Fall Revisions press release was written several weeks ago, but do to isolated discrepancies in the data, we choose to hold off on releasing this.

The end of the semester was surprisingly eventful. Within the last few meetings, we have transitioned to a new Treasurer, and passed this year’s first resolution, the “Resolution on Painting the Zebra Path,” along with it’s corresponding but late press release, “Senate Resolves to Restore the Zebra Path to Zebra Colors.” We were hoping for this issue to break into the campus media before the end of the semester, but the harsh reality of finals hit sooner than expected. As a result, we will be reprinting this press release in January, and I will be happy to talk about it this spring.

In summary, our six press releases this semester:

August 19, 2009 – Students Launch Campus Social Network:
October 16, 2009 – Fall Elections on SOLAR This Week: “Your Money, Your Vote”
November 12, 2009 – President Jasper Wilson Appoints Three New Senators
November 13, 2009 – Fall Revisions Approved; 58 Clubs Receive More Funding
December 3, 2009 – Senate Resolves to Restore the Zebra Path to Zebra Colors
December 10, 2009 – Senator Moiz Khan Appointed and Confirmed as Treasurer

USG Fall 2009 Press Releases

Fall Elections Oct 22-29

We’ve launched a new campaign to get more of you to spend 2 minutes on SOLAR to vote for the direction you want to see USG move towards. “Your Money, Your Vote.” Like any democracy, if you don’t vote, your voice won’t be heard. You pay $94.25 per semester to the USG so that we can distribute that money to clubs to create a vibrant student life on campus. In the past, we’ve seen such low participation that each vote represents about $6,000 our our $3 million dollar budget.

Even if I can’t sell you on why you should vote, I do have a bit of good news. It’s easier than ever to vote and to spread the word. Just go to which will direct you right to the Elections on SOLAR after you login. Tell your friends to check it out too; easy to remember, just

All of the candidates have carefully crafted a purpose statement for you on SOLAR so that you can become familiar with each of the candidates before you vote, if you haven’t already met them during the campaign. If you want to meet all of them, join us in a public debate this Thursday night after the senate meeting in SAC 311 at 9:30pm.
USG Fall Elections Info Packet

Update: The voting deadline has been extended to Thursday 10/29 at 10am due to technical difficulties we had with SOLAR. Please start voting now,

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Club Leadership Day; What’s Next?

To those of you who RSVP’d and joined us to enjoy tons of food all day, thank you for making it a great success. I’m sorry for those who couldn’t make it, but you aren’t off the hook yet. Please make arrangements with Ashley Reji by the end of next week in order to ensure that your budget is uninterrupted.

I understand that some of you thought your other e-board members should see my presentation, and others wanted to see it again. I’m posting it here as promised for that purpose. We are thinking about holding a smaller presentation for those who missed it, so I will keep you updated on that if it happens.

Download My Presentation (which was too fancy for PowerPoint)
All Operating Systems:
Club (manually operated Quicktime slideshow, Windows or Mac)
Club Marketing.pdf (compact version, animations removed, Windows, Mac, Linux, Other)
Mac Keynote Presentation:
Club Marketing.key (for Mac only)

Finally, all the contact info that you wanted but missed:

  • John Kriscenski, Executive VP (talked about minutes and attendance)
    • Email jkriscenski []
    • Visit SAC 208
    • Call (631-63)2-6473
  • Matthew Anderson, Treasurer (talked about budget stuff)
    • Email manderson []
    • Visit SAC 206
    • Call (631-63)2-6382
  • Ashley Reji, VP of Clubs and Organizations (organized the whole thing)
    • Email areji []
    • Visit SAC 209
    • Call (631-63)2-3297

    For more contact information, please visit USG in SAC Suite 202 or Student Activities in SAC 218

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