Senator McCarthy’s February Report

To: Vice President John Kriscenski

March 9, 2010

Over the course of February I have been busy with the new USG Ad Hoc Committee that has been given the task of reviewing PHEEIA and understanding what changes to tuition the act means.  The committee has been meeting Sundays to go through the act as well as come up with survey questions.  Getting the survey software has been a difficulty and the committee may talk to David Mazza for help.

I have also attended the University Senate meeting for the month of February.  There was a lot of talk about PHEEIA.  I saw President Wilson’s speech on the matter as well as a short statement from GSO.  I have been trying to keep the Ad Hoc Committee aware of the on goings of the University Senate as it pertains to the mission of the committee.

The Resolution on Repainting the Zebra Path has been getting a lot of attention lately.  I spoke to Rian Shah earlier February about necessary actions that he must take up due to my time constraints.  He rose to the occasion and spoke to Facilities about the situation.  They told him that they were planning on repainting the Zebra Path black and white this Spring.  Rian then brought this information to the press so that such a statement would not be able to be backed out on without being reprimanded by the public news.  The AA-zine in the Press will be running an article on this issue in their next issue.

This month has been very eventful.

USG Senator

Craig McCarthy

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