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Runoff Election Results 

Treasurer: Hikari Oshiro (Total Votes 1099 | 56%) – Rebecca Anderson (Total Votes 871 | 44%)

VP of Student Life: Run Off  Jaliel Amador (Total Votes 1118 | 57%) – Alex Bouraad (Total Votes 836 | 43%)

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Runoff Election 

A runoff election is the second round of an election where the voter will cast a single vote for their chosen candidate.

During the USG election for the Executive Council 2016-2017, two Executive Council positions had candidates that did not receive 50% of the votes to solidify their position. Because of this, for the week of Monday, April 25th to Friday, April 29th, the community will be able to re-vote for the positions of Treasurer and Vice President of Student Life.

Runoff Election will begin Monday, April 25th, 2016 at 12:00PM and last until Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 12:00PM. 

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Treasurer Candidates: 


Rebecca Anderson Stony Brook United Party



Hikari Oshiro Students’ Party


Vice President of Student Life Candidates:


Alex Bouraad Stony Brook United Party



Jaliel Amador The P.O.O.L Party


Executive Council

President: Cole Lee (Total Votes 1694 | 52%) – Elizabeth Osei (Total Votes 1551 | 48%)

EVP: Drazen Bacarra (Total Votes 1791 | 56%) – Mark Wu (Total Votes 1418 | 44%)

Treasurer: Run Off Rebecca Anderson (Total Votes 1310 | 37%) – Hikari Oshiro (Total Votes 1124 | 32%) – Jin Lin (Total Votes 1104 | 31%)

VP of Communications: Max Shaps (Total Votes 1686 | 55%) – Amanda Baron (Total Votes 1399 | 45%)

VP of Student Life: Run Off Alex Bouraad (Total Votes 1104 | 31%) – Jaliel Amador (Total Votes 974 | 27%) – Niven Singh (Total Votes 940 | 27%) – Linda Lee (Total Votes 528 | 15%)

VP of Academic Affairs: John Mele (Total Votes 1679 | 50%) – Joshua Seobarran (Total Votes 1670 | 50%)

VP of Clubs and Orgs: Lydia Senatus (Total Votes 1533 | 50%) – Elmer Flores (Total Votes 1516 | 50%)


Senior Class Senator: Jonathan Rodriguez – 316 Votes | 38%

Junior Class Senator: Tasnia Ahmed  377 Votes | 50%

Sophomore Class Senator: Kemi Adebanjo – 151 Votes | 57%

CAS Senators:

  1. Millicent Mulieri
  2. Amanda Tam
  3. Jay Abad
  4. Zachary Shaps
  5. Samantha Coyle
  6. Saori Arai
  7. Vanessa Cornelio
  8. Clare Finnegan
  9. Nicholas Vollano
  10. Derrick Wegner

CEAS Senators: 

  1. Forum Doshi
  2. Mudassar Memon
  3. Tao Wang

At-Large Senator: Keiko Nagami | 1392 Votes

Health Science Senator: Christian Cole | 735 Votes

College of Business Senator: John Scalamandre | 63 Votes

Elections Winners

Check out the candidate’s platforms by their party association. 

Stony Brook United

P.O.O.L. Party

Students’ Party

Independent Candidates

*Those running Independent have no party affiliation.*

Important Dates

Campaigning: Begins 4/4/16

Voting: 4/18 at 12:00PM – 4/22 at 12:00 PM

Runoff Elections: 4/25-4/29 from 12:00 PM Noon – 12:00 PM Noon

Referendum Vote

This year we are voting on the referendum of the Undergraduate Student Activities Fee. This fee is paid by all undergraduate students every semester. It is $99.50. This fee funds USG and all of its events, clubs and organizations, operations, etc. If you vote no, we lose this funding and USG will not be able to function.

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2016 USG Elections Candidates


POOL Party

President: Elizabeth Osei
Treasurer: Jin Lin
VP of Communications: Amanda Baron
VP of Student Life: Jaliel Amador
VP of Academic Affairs: Joshua Seobarran
VP of Clubs and Orgs: Lydia Senatus
CEAS Senator: Dan Harel
CEAS Senator: Terrence Ki
CEAS Senator: Connor Watson
CAS Senator: Christine Yuen
CAS Senator: Clare Finnegan
CAS Senator: Crystal Li
CAS Senator: Derrick Wegner
CAS Senator: Jay Abad
CAS Senator: Jennifer Maldonado
CAS Senator: Nicholas Vollano
CAS Senator: Kristie Kam
CAS Senator: Vanessa Cornelio
CAS Senator: Rawson Jahan
CAS Senator: Misha Mehta
HSC Senator: Christian Cole
At-Large Senator: Keiko Nagami
Senior Class Senator: Toni Senior
Junior Class Senator: Tasnia Ahmed
Sophomore Class Senator: Kemi Adebanjo

Stony Brook United

President: Cole Lee
EVP: Drazen Bacarra
Treasurer: Rebecca Anderson
VP of Communications: Max Shaps
VP of Student Life: Alex Bouraad
VP of Clubs and Orgs: Elmer Flores
CEAS Senator: Asim Rattu
CEAS Senator: Justine Marfa
CEAS Senator: Tao Wang
CAS Senator: Mahnoor Raheel
CAS Senator: Ahlyjus McPherson
CAS Senator: Amanda Tam
CAS Senator: Ashley Villamar
CAS Senator: Courtney Eichner
CAS Senator: Millicent Mulieri
CAS Senator: Rian Leung
CAS Senator: Shehran Uddin
CAS Senator: Troy Chinnici
CAS Senator: William Eddy
CAS Senator: Zachary Shaps
HSC Senator: Daisy Lei
At-Large Senator: Naveen Mallangada
College of Business Senator: John Scalamandre
Senior Class Senator: Jonathan Rodriguez
Junior Class Senator: Angelica Husni
Sophomore Class Senator: Patrick Smith

Students’ Party

EVP: Mark Wu
Treasurer: Hikari Oshiro
VP of Student Life: Niven Singh
VP of Academic Affairs: John Mele
CEAS Senator: Forum Doshi
CEAS Senator: Mudassar Memon
CEAS Senator: Sunny Cheng
CAS Senator: Amanda Stoerback
CAS Senator: Giana Dietrich
CAS Senator: Labib Shams
CAS Senator: Mehr Parwez
CAS Senator: Ming Yu Chang
CAS Senator: Samantha Coyle
CAS Senator: Saori Arai
CAS Senator: Won Park
CAS Senator: Seungryul Shim
CAS Senator: Nino Kapanadze
HSC Senator: Joseph Perez
College of Business Senator: Matthew Choong
Senior Class Senator: Frank Miranda

Independent Candidates (Non-Affiliated With Parties)

VP of Student Life: Linda Lee
At-Large Senator: Condrea Zhuang

Elections Board 

The Elections Board is a independent agency, shall ensure that all elections within the
Undergraduate Student Government are operated properly and fairly, as according to
established legislation, policy, and procedures.


  • Make and approve election timeline
  • Hold Candidate Training Sessions
  • Enforce Election Law, Election Policies, USG Law, & University Policies
  • Maintain Neutrality while ensuring Fair & Balanced Elections
  • Creating the Ballots
  • Overseeing Both USG & Club Election

Chair: Sydney Bryan


Caitlin Weisz

Sydney Bryan

Jalwa Afroz

Julian Kingston

Alexandra Smaldone

Malik Archer

Jonathan Millings

Marshall Wayne Cooper

Carolyn Herasme

Yvonne Chanda

If you have any questions regarding elections, or the election board please contact

About USG

What is USG?

Every semester, every undergraduate pays a $99.50 Student Activity Fee. The job of the Undergraduate Student Government [USG] is to manage and disburse that money. In total it equates to ~3.2 Million Dollars. We distribute it between ~160 Clubs, The Student Activities Board (which puts on the large scale campus events like the Concerts, Roth Regatta, & Comedy Shows), Contracted Services such as SBVAC and Campus Rec, among other places.
Besides distributed the Student Activity Fee, the goal of USG is to represent the students.

 What are the positions in USG?

There are 27 elected position in USG:

-7 in the Executive Council

-22 senators (19 up for election in the spring)


  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President of Communications & Public Relations
  • Vice President of Student Life
  • Vice President of Clubs & Orgs
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs


  • 10 College of Arts & Science Senators
  • 3 Engineering & Applied Science Senators
  • 1 Health Science Senator
  • 1 College of Business Senator
  • 1 At-Large Senator
  • 3  Class Senator (Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
    • 1 Freshman Class Senator is elected in the Fall

RHA and CSA Senators are not elected through this election.


What do the executive council positions do? 

President– CEO of USG: “Shall be ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Undergraduate Student Government is operating properly and according to established”

Executive Vice President- Oversees the operation of the Senate: “Shall be the Chair and set the agenda for Senate meetings.” 

Treasurer- CFO of USG: “Shall be responsible for all budgetary/fiscal matters of the Undergraduate Student Government.” 

Vice President of Communications: “Shall be responsible for all communications or the dissemination of information within the Undergraduate Student Government” 

Vice President of Student Life: “Shall be the Chief Programming Officer of the Undergraduate Student Government. Therefore, shall oversee the Student Activities Board of the Undergraduate Student Government” 

Vice President of Clubs & Orgs – Oversees the 160+ USG Acknowledged Clubs: “Shall act as the liaison between the Undergraduate Student Government and its acknowledged Clubs, Organizations, and entities.”

Vice President of Academic Affairs: “Shall coordinate all Undergraduate
Student Government operations in the area of academic policy.”

What do the senate positions do? 

Senators – Legislative Body of the Undergraduate Student Government 

The primary role of the Senate is to promulgate legislation beneficial to, and in 
the best interest of, Stony Brook University’s student population, and to work 
closely with the Executive Council to ensure that legislation is properly 
implemented. The Senate shall have the power to write legislation in a simple 
majority vote of the filled seats of the Senate. Senate legislation shall include, but 
not be limited to, any bylaws of the Executive Council, the Senate, or the Judiciary.”


For more info check out the different responsibilities of USG Elected Chairs, please read the  USG CODE &  USG Constitution