Summer Budget Application 2016 hoshiro – the Summer 2016 budget application is now available. Please email applications to Treasurer Hikari Oshiro at hoshiro@stonybrookusg.org. The deadline is 5/27/16 by 11:59pm.

SSC Budget Application 2015-2016 Bouraad – Budget application for new clubs in accordance with the SSC Bylaws, please submit to VP of Clubs and Organizations: Chinelo Obinero at cobinero@stonybrookusg.org



Grant applications are not being accepted until September 14th. The new and updated applications can be found on this page. Grant applications are due by the 10th week of classes (week of October 26th). Please do not submit applications for events that are in the spring semester until January.

** Applications should be emailed to Treasurer Bouraad with the subject as the type of grant application then your club name **

Example:  Event Grant – Tennis Club

Asset Grant Application

Event Grant Application

National or Regional Event Grant Application

Fundraising Loan Application

Student Activity Grant Application