Public Statement from President Lee

To my fellow Seawolves,

The Undergraduate Student Government would like to take this time to offer support to all who are hurting and going through a difficult time during this period of international heartbreak.

This perverse and outrageous attack on humanity has lead to devastation that hasn’t been seen in France since World War II. As student leaders, we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that our fellow students may need and let us not only stand with Paris, but all the groups of people who have suffered recently. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are in need of assistance.

I know firsthand that the campus community will wrap everyone who’s grieving with our prayers and our love. However, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. It does not capture the heartache and grief and anger that we should feel. So at this time, we are finalizing the plans for a candlelight vigil on Tuesday evening to stand in solemn camaraderie with the rest of the world as we look to support all those who are hurting, as a community. We are all Seawolves. We are strong. We will endure. We will overcome and we ALL deserve to live in peace and solidarity.

With hope,
Cole Lee
Stony Brook USG President

2015 Fall Election Results

Freshman Senator: Run Off Beginning November 16, 2015

  • Patrick Smith – 48%
  • Tyler Muzio – 34%
  • Shannon Valentin – 18%

CEAS Senator: Asim Rattu

  • Asim Rattu – 67%
  • Elmer Flores – 33%

Summer Senate Meeting Minutes


USG Summer Senate Meeting

Friday, June 5, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:18 PM. Meeting held in SAC 302.

Agenda Item 1.0: Attendance

The roll was called:


Senator Tasnia Ahmed                                                                                                              Present

Senator Rawson Jahan                                                                                                             Present

Senator Megan Kenard                                                                                                             Present

Senator Victor Ng                                                                                                                      Present

Senator Michelle Olakkengil                                                                                                      Present

Senator Zohaib Rattu                                                                                                                Present

Senator Jonathan Rodriguez                                                                                                     Present

Senator Tara Schinasi                                                                                                               Absent

Senator Joshua Seobarran                                                                                                       Absent

Senator Nida Kuruvilla                                                                                                              Absent


President Cole Lee                                                                                                                    Absent

Executive Vice President Krisly Zamor (Chair)                                                                          Present

Treasurer Taylor Bouraad                                                                                                         Present

VP of Communications Brody Hooper                                                                                     Absent

VP of Student Life Fiqry Kleib                                                                                                  Absent

VP of Clubs and Organizations Chinelo Obinero                                                                     Absent

VP of Academic Danielle Ali                                                                                                     Absent


A quorum exists.

Agenda Item 2.0: Announcements

Executive Vice President Zamor: All summer senators must hold 2 hours of office hours in order to get paid; and I would like you to send me which hours you can do by emailing them to me by the coming Sunday at 11:59 pm.

Agenda Item 3.0: President Pro-Tempore Nominations

Nominations were opened for the President Pro-Tempore position

  • Senator Rodriguez was nominated by Senator Rodriguez, seconded by Senator Kenard.

Senator Rodriguez: I am currently the Junior Class Senator. I was the Freshman Class Representative my first year which means I have Executive Council experience, and I also have Senate experience as I have served as proxy several times. I would be great for the role.

Administrative Director Kirnbauer: It is worth mentioning that you can vote for Jonathan or you can abstain from voting.

  • On the vote to elect a President Pro-Tempore:
    • Senator Rodriguez: 7 votes
    • Total Senate Seats: 9
    • Votes needed for election: 7
  • Senator Rodriguez was elected President Pro-Tempore [Secret Ballot #1]

Agenda Item 4.0: 2015 USG Summer Budget

Treasurer Bouraad: First column is where the money last year was allocated, the second column is this year. A black fill means the club either didn’t have a budget last summer, or didn’t apply for one this summer. Everything in Administration stayed the same unless they came close to overspending last year. SAB was constrained last year, so they received an increase; similarly, the EVP received an increase for training. Housing was blacked out because we don’t do it anymore.

The Renovations line refers to the Executive Council wanting to renovate the conference room by buying new chairs and putting the existing ones in the Senate Office as everything in there is broken. Any left-over funds went into contingency instead of being left unallocated.

Most clubs and organizations received an increase. Across the board, since we only fund for summer programs, I didn’t allocate to clubs that applied for apparel or other items used throughout the year. AICHE received a decrease because they did not spend their entire budget last year. Any club that has $105 should have been given $0 because they violated the Financial Bylaws but we’re being nice. Ice Hockey and WUSB had maxed out budget, by them each being awarded $10,560.

For contracted services, Campus Recreation received an increase because I met with Dr. Baigent and they do a lot of summer programming. SB VAC and The Statesman got an increase based on what they asked for and what they had last year. Commuter Student Association is new, but they got money for an event.

Senator Rodriguez: Last year, there was a discussion of penalties for clubs that didn’t apply for a budget, is this going to be reflected here or in fall revisions?

Treasurer Bouraad: We encouraged clubs to apply for a summer budget to get started, and fall revisions will be done the first week of [Fall] classes.

  • Senator Kenard moved to approve budget, seconded by Senator Olakkengil

Senator Rattu: Let’s say, for example, [American Institute of] Chemical Engineering doesn’t use any money; what happens?

Treasurer Bouraad: It carries over to the next summer session. That’s what the $49,000 in carryover that wasn’t used last summer [2014] refers to.

Administrative Director Kirnbauer: I just wanted to point out: a two-thirds vote is required to pass the budget so 7 votes are needed.

  • Senator Kenard moved to approve budget, seconded by Senator Olakkengil
  • Motion approved by a vote of 7-0-0 [Roll Call Vote #2]

Agenda Item 5.0: Open Agenda

  • Senator Rodriguez moved to give the general body speaking rights, seconded by Senator Kenard
  • No objections, motion passed.

Senator Rattu: What events planned for summer? And, how does the decision making work?

Administrative Director Kirnbauer: What happens in Summer Senate stays in Summer Senate; your decisions don’t carry over into academic year

Treasurer Bouraad: We have the BBQ and other SAB events planned and now clubs and SAB can start using money.

  • Senator Rodriguez moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Senator Kenard.
  • No objections, motion passed.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:33 PM.
6/5/2015 Roll Call Votes #1 #2
Senator Ahmed J. R. Y
Senator Jahan J. R. Y
Senator Kenard J. R. Y
Senator Ng J. R. Y
Senator Olakkengil J. R. Y
Senator Rattu J. R. Y
Senator Rodriguez J. R. Y
Senator Schinasi
Senator Seobarran
Total Votes 7-0-0 7-0-0
Outcome of Motion Rodriguez Elected Pass